Judas Thaddeus the Apostle

The statue

Judas Thaddeus is not to be mistaken with Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Christ for 30 pieces of silver and later committed suicide. Judas is raising his hands in devotion and standing with a long-shafted axe.

The story

According to the legend, Jude became a missionary in Arabia, Mesopotamia, Syria, Armenia and Persia along with Simon the Zealot. They both suffered martyrdom.

The facts

The first version of the sculpture was displayed in plaster and sculpted by Giuseppe Pacetti 1823/1827 from a sketch of John the Apostle.
Two further sketches were made in 1841.
The second version was sculpted by Thorvaldsen in Rome in 1842 and likely carved by Galli.
The statue was put up in marble in 1848.


On the 15th of February 1842, Thorvaldsen wrote to King Christian VIII. “..And so in the month of January I have modelled the sketch for the statue of Judas Thaddeus, which will be made in full scale as soon as the statue of Andrew, which is being carried out by Galli under my supervision, is complete…”.